METALSOURCE supplys steel, aluminum & fiberglass products and fabrications.  We provide a wide range of standard & custom fabricated solutions. 

We are a Midwest based stocking distributor for ERECTASTEP® modular stair, platform & handrail systems, YellowGate® safety gates, RollAStep® mobile work platforms & PerfectAStep® custom engineered and fabricated access solutions.

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METALSOURCE supplies structural steel & miscellaneous custom fabricated assemblies & parts.


METALSOURCE is proud to be a Master Stocking Distributor for ErectaStep & YellowGate. We also offer mobile Roll-A-Step work platforms & Perfect-A-Step custom engineered access solutions. We offer immediate availability of standard ErectaStep stairs, platforms, crossover and ladder solutions.


METALSOURCE is a distributor for Strongwell manufactured structural fiberglass, handrails and gratings.

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