Turnkey Crossovers and Platforms

Save time and eliminate costly engineering and fabrication with ErectaStep® modular crossover stairs and work platforms. 

Using a combination of 5 components, our modular design is sturdy, requires no fabrication and quickly bolts together to provide safe access over pipes, dike walls, or other obstructions.

All our work platforms and stairs are precision manufactured, fully engineered with heavy gage steel and aluminum. And as always – each component is fully stocked and ready to ship today!


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Re-Configure, Re-Purpose

The patent pending platform design allows handrails and stairs to attach to common bolt holes on any side, allowing any configuration without drilling or fabrication. Configurations can be altered and components can be re-purposed at any time.








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Mobile Work Platforms

RollaStep® rolling stairs and mobile work platforms vary based on your application. Four pre-engineered industrial models minimize physical exertion and risk of injury. Workers gain safe access and fall protection plus greater productivity. If your elevated workspace is more complex, let us fabricate custom mobile platforms and stairs. All RollaStep mobile stairs and platforms are easy to maneuver and sturdy to help you get the job done easier, faster and safer.






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Customized Industrial Stairs and Work Platforms for ANY Application 

PerfectaStep provides an extra measure of customized fall protection, when standard ErectaStep® industrial stairs and work platforms can’t offer the level of fall protection workers need.

Customize safety stairs, platforms, gates and rails to more closely fit your application.




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YellowGate products offer adjustability and mobility to provide a safe working environment in any gated, barrier, or railing needed area. Lengths, adjustable swing directions, mobility, and universal mounting systems are a few key features that make YellowGate products superior to other comparable products.





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